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Chinese disk Bi

The Chinese Bi is a disk with a circular opening at its centre. A ceremonial object that celebrates the worship of the Sky and the Sun. It represents the universe and infinity…
Some suggest that its real meaning is the space it envelops. It also has protective virtues.

The most ancient Chinese Bi are very big and date from over 2000 years ago. Sometimes bronze, they were generally made from jade, the Chinese stone of immortality.

Nowadays, in a semi-precious stone version, it remains pure by its form and a beautiful object through its delightful stones.

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New! My signet jewels keep your pages. Your books, notebooks, diaries
will be even more refined. A present to keep with you at all time!

In the past, jasper was very appreciated. It was supposed to have
magic powers. Dalmatian jaspers, such as agate, harmonize
ying and yang energies.

Every semi-precious stone is unique. These handmade signets are like
fine book jewellery.

in the notebook - Dalmatian Jasper
whole view - Dalmatian Jasper
in the book - Dalmatian Jasper


17.50 €


• Jewellery bookmark

• 12 cm - 4,75 inches 
• Dalmatian jasper gemstone Bi disk
• Dalmatian jasper gemstone
• Red agate gemstone bead
• 925 sterling silver beads
• Silver tone metal bookmark

Every gemstone is unique
and may be different
from the picture

Made in France

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