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A lucky Charm

In English, the word  ‘charm’ is used to describe a small object that you keep with you at all times and that is said to have special powers. It’s a sort of amulet or lucky keepsake.

The Romans wore them out of respect for their gods.

In the XIXth Century, thanks to Queen Victoria, who had a real passion for jewellery, charms became fashionable. People wore them as accessories. Aristocrats wore theses small jewels to show off their wealth.

Crystal Duo Pourpre map


A Charm entirely handmade with Swarovski crystals!

Nowadays, charms are part of your every day life. Wear them for luck
or as a souvenir of important moments.

A pretty decoration, compatible with every phone and tablet thanks
to its jack that is inserted in the headphone plug.

Express your individuality, your personal style and match them
to your outfits!

on the phone - Crystal Duo Pourpre
whole view - Crystal Duo Pourpre
range of colors - Crystal Duo Pourpre


29.90 €


• Earcap Charm
• Limited Edition

• 4 cm - 1,57 inches 
• Swarovski crystal heart and beads
925 sterling silver beads

Made in France

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